What we do?


The services we provide in IT, which is one of the most critical technologies, Original Design and Development that allows software and special equipment to be used together.


Under the scope of the construction electrical contract, services for supply of weak current and low voltage works and supplying activities in the field are provided having our domestic and foreign experience.


Consultancy services are provided through existing human resources and solution partners in determining the needs of IT, Electrical Contracting and Defense Systems, operation of procurement / production processes, commissioning and life cycle management.


In the field of defense systems, support services are provided with solution partners on system production / procurement, installation and commissioning.

About Our Company

IDEA has a well-established past with its corporate experiences since 2002.

  • Qualified manpower,
  • Expert partners,
  • Over than 30 years of experience

IDEA Information Technology contributes to increase efficiency and productivity as an irreplaceable stakeholder for people who need in Information and Defence technologies and Construction Industry.

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