IT Services


IP based Televison and Multimedia Imaging tools, which are needed in accommodation facilities, campuses and transportation vehicles are designed in accordance with customer needs. It includes administration panels, satellite antennas, broadcast / data distribution infrastructures, display monitors, set-top box, multimedia and control servers with required hardware components produced / supplied by solution partners, installation, commissioning and maintenance / operation services.


Hotel management systems for accommodation facilities are designed and supplied with the necessary functions and equipment according to the needs of the enterprise. It includes supply, installation and commissioning services and maintenance / operation support.


Sales and stock management software, which are required by both accommodation facilities and retailers, are designed together with the hardware components they will work on. It includes supply, installation and commissioning services and maintenance / operation support.


Design, procurement, installation and commissioning services and maintenance / operation support are provided for the design and implementation of digital data representation, interaction and management required for the promotion, advertisement, information and consultation services within the organizational structures.


We provide learning systems, courses, teacher-student interaction systems in enterprise training facilities, smart board, instant exam systems, imaging systems, student tracking systems, classroom management system, curriculum-student tracking system and hardware needs design, supply, installation and commissioning services as well as maintenance / operation support.


Designing, supplying, installing and commissioning of data and network infrastructures of institutional settlements, buildings, facilities with structured cabling and hardware. In this context, wireless network, high-performance LAN / WAN infrastructures, data-audio-video integration, network infrastructures management, satellite data communication, solutions for the needs of the system room can be offered.


The transfer of the existing systems and infrastructures of the institutions or organizations from one place to another, including the furnishing operations, is ensured in a safe manner within the defined standards.

We provide all kinds of hardware needed within the scope of information systems with necessary security software for computer, server, network environment, including installation and commissioning services.
The following services are provided by IN-HOUSE development or outsourcing based on the resources available within the organization Identifying the needs of the enterprise software by supporting the analysis for the improvement of corporate processes, To realize the identified needs by following the system and software development standards and processes, WEB-based software, web pages, portal applications, Performing research and development (R & D) activities
Designing, adapting, supplying, installation and commissioning of software and hardware according to special needs are provided. Particularly in the scope of INTERACTIVE MUSEUM APPLICATIONS, support is provided for design and production of advertising media, interactive visual applications, and interactive electronic books, visualizations of 3-dimensional land and residential areas, projection ceiling / wall / floor image coating applications.
Web promotion, sales, invoicing, banking transactions, shipping, etc. e-commerce applications including functions are developed by using existing infrastructures according to needs, and by providing original design and development, commissioning and support services for operation activities are provided.