Project Consultancy

IDEA and solution partners offers services of project design for all industry’s needs, turnkey projects, Network technologies and cabling in Construction and Information Technology Industry, private companies, public institutions and organizations with LAN and WAN with expert staff who has more than 10 years experiences by certification of worldwide standards. When İDEA gives project and consultancy service, it takes installation Certification requirement and test results and presents them to the customer and after the service, it carries out maintenance, repair and technical support. In addition, our company participated in projects in a scope of joint infrastructure of NATO. It takes strength from solution partners in a project and consultancy.
In the realization of projects requiring the interoperability of different systems, procurement, installation, training and operating activities of the products and services of more than one subcontractor are carried out. Administrative, financial and technical support services are provided for the preparation of project proposals and the successful management of contracted projects.
In the scope of IT and weak current, the services of testing and certifying data networks infrastructures and providing support to maintenance and operation activities of hardware components during the warranty periods are provided with existing human resources and solution partners.